Strutz™ Cushioned Arch Supports

Strutz™ Cushioned Arch Supports
Strutz™ Cushioned Arch Supports Strutz™ Cushioned Arch Supports Strutz™ Cushioned Arch Supports
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Strutz™ Cushioned Arch Supports

Enjoy Instant Relief From Lower Body Aches and Pains With The Strutz Arch Support

TheStrutz Arch Support as seen on TV provides you with a convenient, comfortable way to enjoy pain-free movement throughout the day. Simply slide these cushioned arch supports onto your feet in the morning before you put your shoes on, and you will benefit from the shock absorption and comfort they provide. As soon as you put them on, you will notice instant relief from aches and pains as they support your feet arches and promote body alignment and balance throughout the day. You can move freely without being inhibited by pain in your legs or back when you wear these arch supports from Strutz.

TheAs Seen On TV Strutz Cushioned Arch Support bands are designed to be comfortable to wear. The supportive arch and band are both made out of a breathable fabric that boasts durability and a non-slip design. These are ideal to wear with most types of shoes, and you can even pad around the house in them in your bare feet. With how comfortable and supportive the Strutz Arch Support bands are, you will want to put these on first thing in the morning and not take them off until you go to bed at night!


•Strutz Arch Support bands make it easy to get the support your aching feet demand
•Slide-on design makes these arch supports easy to use
•Unique design is suitable to wear with most types of shoes as well as with bare feet
•Compression band with shock-absorbing core provides the ideal amount of comfort and support while promoting balance and alignment
•Made from breathable fabric with a non-slip sole for comfort and safety

Condition: Brand New in Sealed Package

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