Carson MagniScreen Standing & Reading Magnifier

Carson MagniScreen Standing & Reading Magnifier
Brand: Carson Optics
Product Code: Carson Magnifier TM-66
Availability: 2
Condition: New - Opened Box
Price: $60.00 $6.00
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Carson MagniScreen 2x Standing & Reading Magnifier TM-66

The Carson TM-66 MagniScreen gives you the freedom of a freestanding, adjustable magnifier. This magnifier can either be placed in its weighted base or clamped to the table with the built-in clamp. In either case, the optic is adjustable to accommodate any reading or work scenario. A perfect purchase for anyone who reads a lot or performs detailed work such as a hobbyist, stamp or coin collector or model maker. Depending on the users vision or glasses, this magnifier is capable of providing 2-4x magnification

Condition: New (opened damaged box)

Status: Discontinued Closeout

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