conFIGURE Challenging Puzzles & Pattern Games

conFIGURE Challenging Puzzles & Pattern Games
conFIGURE Challenging Puzzles & Pattern Games conFIGURE Challenging Puzzles & Pattern Games conFIGURE Challenging Puzzles & Pattern Games
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conFIGURE Challenging Puzzles & Pattern Games by Learning Passport Co

1994 National Parenting Publication Award

Extremely hard to find puzzle game from the Learning Passport Co.  Recommended by Home Schooling Teachers / National Parenting Publications Awards 1994.  (portions of contents are recyclable / printed with soy ink)

conFIGURE... A beautifully designed game of mosaic pattern ...  “George Washington's Boyhood Home" set, new and sealed in the box.

- 4 games with many variations ~ cooperate or compete as you make the rooms complete.
- one to many players / ages 6 - 106
- a different puzzle awaits in each room of this historic home.
- SOLID FIT...puzzle over which combinations of elegant, marble-like pieces will fit together to cover a room floor.
- 2-DESIGN ... Create 2-color patterns with special marble-like pieces in each of the many rooms.
- MANEUVER...Race to place the piece that completes the room in this fast-paced game of strategy and skill.
- XACT...pick the exact pieces needed to solve the room puzzle.

EDUCATIONAL VALUE: makes abstract math concepts real and relevant.  Helps develop I.Q.  Stimulates Curiosity by exposing players to history, architecture, art and geography.  Helps develop small motor skills.

BOX CONTENTS: game board (authentic floor plan of George Washington's Boyhood Home, Little Hunting Creek Plantation, 5 rooms / 8 areas / each a new puzzle or round of play)
40 marble-like mosaic flooring tiles (double-sided, geometric shapes, inch-based sizes)
Fabric Storage Bag for mosaic flooring tiles
Historic Patterns from around the world
History of President Washington's home
Math Tips; Rulers in inches and centimeters
Instructions for play in English and Spanish


Award-winning toys, games and children's furniture including best toys of 1995 & 1996. Dollhouses, art centers, castles, blocks, books, sciencekits, puzzles, board and card games for all ages.

Condition: Brand New in Sealed Package

Box Size: 13"H x 13"W x 3"D

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