Seal: Human Being CD

Seal: Human Being CD
Seal: Human Being CD
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Seal: Human Being CD

1."Human Beings" (Seal) – 4:36
2."State of Grace" (Seal, Chris Bruce) – 5:00
3."Latest Craze" (Seal, Earl Harvin) – 4:28
4."Just Like You Said" (Seal, Chris Bruce) – 4:14
5."Princess" (Seal) – 1:58
6."Lost My Faith" (Seal, Reggie Hamilton) – 4:35
7."Excerpt From" (Seal) – 3:04
8."When a Man Is Wrong" (Seal) – 4:18
9."Colour" (Seal) – 5:22
10."Still Love Remains" (Seal) – 5:54
11."No Easy Way" (Seal) – 4:48
12."Human Beings (Reprise)" (Seal) – 3:21

Condition: Excellent in Jewel Case

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