Seinfeld Scene It? Deluxe Edition

Seinfeld Scene It? Deluxe Edition
Seinfeld Scene It? Deluxe Edition
Product Code: Seinfeld Scene It? Deluxe Edition
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Seinfeld Scene It? Deluxe Edition The DVD Game

Here's your chance to show you know something about the show about nothing! This interactive DVD/board game for two or more players or teams tests your knowledge of the popular show through clips from the sitcom, trivia questions, and puzzles. The goal is to use observation, memory, word play and puzzle solving to answer the on-screen questions, while racing around the game board. Game comes with DVD, flextime® game board, one six-sided number dice, one eight-sided category dice, four metal tokens, 16 buzz cards, 175 trivia cards, and four category reference cards. Playing the game requires a TV and DVD player with remote control. Two or more players or teams. For adults.

Condition: Brand New - Sealed in Box

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