Sex and the City Trivia Board Game in Tin

Sex and the City Trivia Board Game in Tin
Sex and the City Trivia Board Game in Tin
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Sex and the City Trivia Board Game in Collectible Tin

If you liked the Sex and the City series from HBO youre going to love this board game!

Do you soooo miss the girls already? (sniff sniff)

Monday nights have never been the same have they?

As a little treat to yourself, why not consider the Sex & The City Trivia Game!

Invite the girls over for a cosmo (on a Monday night of course) and see who has been paying attention during the last 4 seasons!

The first true comedy about love, sex and relationships, the critically acclaimed and award-winning series Sex and the City is now a Trivia Game.

The show's six seasons of humor, glamour and friendship, not to mention cosmopolitans and designer shoes, is the basis for this unique trivia game that is anything but trivial!

Answer trivia questions, act out different scenes, collect lifestyle cards, and enjoy a night of "girl talk" in Sex and the City style!

1000 questions about your favorite TV series. 2 or more adult players.

Condition: Brand New in Sealed Tin

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