Sleepytime Lullabies

Sleepytime Lullabies
Sleepytime Lullabies
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Sleepytime Lullabies 2 Disc CD Set

The Ultimate Collection of Lullabies. A sleep Program with songs carefully ordered to act, first by diverting an infant tired at the end of the day, then slowing down with soothing lullabies, into the final sleep-inducing melodies.

Traditional lullabies, cradle songs and nature sounds, combined with the mother's heartbeat and the sonic vibrations within the womb act as a powerful natural sedative. It is now well accepted that the womb sounds evoke the security of that safe cocoon.

Lullabies, which have been lulling babies to sleep for generations are a part of every child's heritage.

On each CD the order of the lullabies is strategically planned: in the early phase to distract your baby from ill-humour with playful, attention-gaining songs. Then down a gradient of quieter lulling melodies with a slower tempo to foster a calming effect, into the truly sleep-inducing finale with the entry of the Sandman. It will not be long before your baby begins to associate bedtime with gentle fun, comfort and sleep.

Songs - CLICK on the TITLE below to hear an audio sample

CD One:
1. Lullaby in Ragtime
2. My Curly Headed Baby
3. Goodnight
4. Lullaby and Goodnight
5. Skye Boat Song
6. The Sand Man (Pt. 1)
CD Two:
1. Little Man You’ve Had A...
2. Christopher Robin Is Saying...
3. Lulla Lulla Lullaby
4. All The Pretty Little Horses
5. The Sandman (Pt. 2)


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